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We review Australia's favourite sports betting and Qld Tab sites along with tips for increasing your chances at winning big bucks betting online! We cover sports such as horse racing, AFL, greyhound racing and other Australian favourite sports

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What Gives TAB an Edge over Other Online Betting Sites?

Right from the time gambling was made commercial; bookmakers have been on its forefront of operation. QLD TAB has been trying to find innovative ways to attract punters. Since the introduction of online betting, the bookie has a global platform to offer bets. From a punter’s point of view, this can go both ways. You are benefited if you go in the right path and fall down really bad, if you look at the wrong places.

The question that haunts punters who want to change their bookie or looking to start their gambling career is how to choose a bookie. Different people have different opinions about this and it is hard to zero in on a particular approach and claim that it is fool-proof. Here are a few vital aspects that you need to keep in mind while choosing a bookmaker.

1. Authenticity

One of the most important aspects where most novices would stumble, you must ensure that the site you choose is completely genuine. Due to the boom in the gambling industry, especially online...


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